Thursday, July 16, 2009

Family Room Makeover Quiz

Today we are going to have a little quiz!
So fun huh!
I just want to know if what I have been sharing is helping you to see things a little differently.
Okay, you tell me ---
What made the difference in this Family Room transformation?

This is kind of like "I Spy".


Let me know what you see---
I will give you the answers in my next post.

Have Fun!

It's time for blog parties, take a look at Hooked on Friday's and Beautiful Life.


  1. The Olsons said...
    I see lamps, and the tv unit becoming a focal point.
    Atticmag said...
    I see everything done right in the after photo. Most importantly, symmetry & balance. Among other things, I especially noticed the addition of the draperies to add weight and height and swapping out the black upholstered chair for the wood rocker to break up the heaviness of the furniture. Well done. Jane T.
    Marsha's Mpressions said...
    Hi Angela, thanks for dropping by my place and taking the time to comment. Glad I found you too.

    I like the way the TV is put in the center of the wall instead of at an angle and the wall accessories are grouped over it. It creates a focal point and is more pleasing to the eye. Good job!
    Tiffany said...
    The most obvious thing is that the TV unit became a focal point, grouped with several interesting things on the wall to create balance and interest. The furniture is arranged to create a conversation space, but is still open and is on a diagonal, also for interest. There is a rug anchoring the room, and there are lots of new fabrics in the room. Including new window treatments which I think really soften the look of the whole space.The throw on the couch is really nice. And the lamp (which was always there) is turned on, making it feel more cozy!
    Lylah Ledner said...'re really good! I MUST come back and peruse the good stuff you have here...

    On another note...thanks a ton for stopping by and seeing the sweetness of my grandson....he's the kindest little guy...
    ImagineCozy said...
    Wow, you guys are all right on.
    Gina said...

    Thanks for stopping in and commenting.

    What a difference in this room.
    I see a new chair, a cozy blanket and better placement overall.

    Looks great!
    mary e said...
    beisdes all things listed above, I see a creative use of a fishing pole and fishing basket in the arrangement above the tv. I like your "makeover" good job!!
    JanMary said...
    Rug, blanket over sofa, new curtains, rocking chair.... looks great.
    count it all joy said...
    Cleaner lines, symmetry, balance. This room has a much calmer feel to it. I love playing spot the difference! Meredith xo.
    Lindy said...
    I spy:
    1. A single focal point on the back wall built around the entertainment center.
    2. Metal hearts grouped together to make a single statement - group of three.
    3. Curtains and table skirt add fabric and soften room.
    4. Round table next to rocking chair has lamp, greenery, and a third visual element.
    5. Green, rust and blue colors on rocking chair, rugs, and throw add visual interest.
    6. Tree in corner mimics trees on rocking chair fabric.
    7. Fishing pole draws eye up and balances curtains.
    Lindy said...
    I also spy:
    8. Something Red - the rusty red flowers in the tin vase and the reddish "Simple Pleasures" sign displayed at different heights.
    Lucy said...
    I see more open floor space, better balance, less heaviness, additional texture, softness than before.

    Lots of good changes -- the best ones seem to be moving the TV away from the corner so the window can be the beautiful feature it is - and of course adding drapes makes the room look finished.

    I take forever to get drapes in my home and I always wonder why as it instantly makes the room feel homey. Want to come do my house next??
    Imelda@Inspired Simplicity said...
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my post. I'll post on how to enlarge photos.

    I love your site...befitting of your feels so cozy and welcoming. I also love your content...very inspiring for me as I love decorating as well. thanks.

    Imelda@Inspired Simplicity
    ImagineCozy said...
    I am so pleased, Lindy you must like I spy! You are amazing.
    And Meredith I am so glad you like to play spot the difference.

    Lucy, I will tell you a funny story about the drapes in my next post.

    Thank you all for playing, it looks like you are all---so well informed!!
    Paula said...
    I really enjoy your blog, and have learned alot but rarely comment. (I don't mean to "stalk" but usually don't have anything to say that someone hasn't already said.)

    I wonder if you might consider doing a post on bathroom assessories - specifically for small bathrooms, where there is little horizontal or wall space!

    Thanks again for a great blog.
    ImagineCozy said...
    Thanks, Paula for comment on bathrooms. I have been collecting some photos for bathrooms and will post them soon. It seems that everyone wants to have thier Living Room done first---bathrooms should be so easy huh, no furniture rearrangeing!
    Adam and Hayley Peterson said...
    I'd love for you to come do my house. We just moved in and I have all of my decorations that used to have a "place" in our old house, but now I don't know where to put anything, let alone make it look good! :) Love the idea of a focal point, never thought of it that way.

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