Monday, July 20, 2009

Answers to the Makeover Quiz

Thank you so much to all of you who took the quiz ---
You all know your stuff!

Notice the table --- we decorated it with three main items:

1.Pot of Flowers (natural element)
2. A Lamp (lighting)
We put books under the lamp to raise it up so that the tree main items on the table would be at different heights.
3. Tile plaque (accessory)

Okay, on with the answers to the Quiz!

1. First thing we did, was move the TV to the large wall. It balanced out the weight in the room with the window and the furniture.
2. Next we brought in a chair from the living room that had a nice texture and pattern that went well with the outdoorsy theme we had going in this room. And it was different but still looked good.
3. We put the furniture in a U shape at an angle, it created a more welcoming feel.
4. We took the sub woofer (Big black box) and covered it with some fabric and it became the side table to the chair.
5. We added fabric by hanging curtains --- they were originally in the master bedroom, but when she got new ones they went to her son's room he did not really like them there. So we just took the rod with the curtains and sat it right on top of the little birdhouses that were already there! Notice in the BEFORE above the window. It was great ---No Hardware Needed!
We also added a throw blanket, we put a small rug just to give the idea of what a rug would be like, ideally you want at least a 5'x9' rug for that space.
6. Natural elements --- We found a little pine tree in the basement and it went great next to the chair that had pine trees in the print. We also added the pot of flowers on the end table and the little green plant on the TV.
7. Lighting --- The two lamps were in the master bedroom. If you look close they are little tree branches with a little nest on each one. Perfect for the theme of the room! The lighting so added warmth to the room.
8. Accessories --- We added a few accessories around the room. Making a grouping or a "Unit"above the TV helped to create a nice focal point. See how we put a grouping together that was not just rectangular framed art. It is nice to find three dimensional items to hang on the wall
9. See the touches of RED, flowers in the pot, and the simple pleasures sign.

Now --- you do not have to do ALL of these steps, you can do one or two and your room will feel better.

But if you want the overall COZY feel then do all of the steps.

Overall --- I think it is a very COZY place to hang out!

Take a few of these ideas and change up your family room.


  1. Marie said...
    Oh I love how you arrange things in a room! I really appreciate the time you take to share your decorating tips.
    I'm having an "Heirloom Party" over at my blog and would love for you to join me on July 31st! Stop on by for details.

    Anonymous said...
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    Anonymous said...
    How fun, love how you had a quiz, too cute!
    Amanda @ Serenity Now said...
    Who doesn't love a good makeover (and a fun quiz!)? ;) Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment!

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