Friday, May 8, 2009

What to put on the table?

I took a little field trip to a shop that I love --- Gatehouse No. 1

I was looking at what they used to accessorize a table top.
It is so fun to see how they follow the same principles in almost every photo.

See what you think.

Lamp, Natural Element, Frame

Lamp, Natural Element, Candles

Lamp, Natural Element . . . See the sets of three,
and the different heights.

Do you notice behind every lamp there is almost always a
Mirror or a Piece of Art ---
that creates a "unit" or a grouping.

Lamp, Natural Element, Bowl with green balls

Isn't that fun!

Now look around your own space ---

could you find a Lamp, Natural Element and
some other doodad!

I am hooked on Table Decor today . . .

Take minute and see what others are hooked on over at

Hooked on Houses.


  1. janet said...
    Hi Angela, another fantastic post!!! I love putting together a vignette, i will play for hours, well sometimes Beautiful pictures and i too always like to incorporate lighting, always gives a room ambience.
    Pedaling said...
    i like the first one best.
    best, best best!
    Terry said...
    Angela, you are probably welcome at all your friends' homes. I couldn't do a table top if my life depended on it. But when our designer friend, Gordon comes over, things usually get rearranged. We've not only learned to accept it; we look forward to his visits.

    Do you do that with your friends?
    shortmama said...
    Beautiful ideas! I just did a post and linked back to you for those doing my home redo challenge!
    ImagineCozy said...
    Terry, I have to admit I do it in my head most of the time --- although there are a few friends that actually want me to do something!
    ImagineCozy said...
    Thanks, Shortmama for the shout out about my site!
    Gayle@Mountain Moma said...
    I appreciate how you make it "decorating for dummies!" I never noticed this, but I have incorporated some of it into my home. I'll see if I can't spiff it up some more!

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