Monday, May 11, 2009

Freshen Up the Living Room

Sometimes, especially in the Spring you just need to give your space a fresh feel.

This living room had many of the right elements, we just
changed things up a bit ---
took out a few items and added a few more.

The space was pretty full, with some larger square end tables, a coffee table as well as a number of dried arrangements.
Visually there was a lot going on.


We moved the couch in front of the window and replaced the square wooden end table with a smaller round, that we found in the sun room.

We covered it with a table cloth that just happened to match and used the lace overlay. It worked nicely having a round table to break up all of the heavier square ones that were previously in the space.


We just exchanged the artwork with the large mirror.
I really like how as you walk in the front door you can now see your reflection in the mirror.
It livens up the space, as well as reflecting the light from the lamps.

We took out the coffee table, and added a few fresh accessories to the table.


The lace tableclothes are on all of the tables, we removed them and placed the lace on the back of the couches, it just created a little different feel.

We took out most of the dried flowers and added a couple of solid colored toss pillows.

Notice in the first photo we have a few touches of red --- a pillow and a book on the table, it really does liven up the room.

Sometimes you just need to FRESHEN up your space.

After all, it is spring--- Go and try it at your house!


  1. Mrs Nancy said...
    I found your blog on my daughter blog! I like seeing your decoration ideas!
    Mike and Sammi said...
    Great ideas. Great job tonight, you did awesome and a lot of ladies want a room re-design.
    ImagineCozy said...
    Thanks Sammi, I loved doing it, and thanks for giving them my name.
    Janelle said...
    We loved your presentation last night! Remember I am the one with the cute little girl who came with me:) We did the living room/ reading room today and we love it!

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