Friday, April 10, 2009

Modern Make-over

I love this house! My good friend let me come over and have a little fun with her living room.

She already had so many of the right elements, we just had to tweak things a little bit. In this BEFORE the focal point on the far wall did not feel quite right.

AFTER ---We found another art piece from storage and created a unit by moving the cabinet further to the left and centering the art above it.

We then exchanged out the black stools for brown textured ones from the office.

A couple of toss pillows and greenery, completes the look.

In this BEFORE ---there was no defined focal point.

AFTER ---The little splash of red on the chair adds life to the space.

BEFORE ---The layout of the room was well balanced and the furniture well placed.

But there was no defined focal point --- a place to rest the eye.

AFTER ---We took the artwork from the entry wall and placed it over the piano. We used the piano light to highlight the face of the woman in the picture and it becomes a wonderful unit to focus on. The sculpture on the left balances out the light, (it came from the bedroom).

It feels so much better.

Less cluttered and LOVE those toss pillows!
Little things can make all the difference.

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  1. Christy said...
    Love the after. I think the symetry helped it feel more cohesive. I like that print you got out of storage. I tried to hand one similar in my house the other day, but the husband veto'ed me. Oh well - I still get to enjoy it when I see on other cool blogs! Have a great weekend!
    DesignTies said...
    If only all decorating makeovers were as easy as as centering a piece of furniture and adding throw cushions!!

    The afters look great :-) Love the pops of colour in the room :-)

    Kelly @ DesignTies
    Terry said...
    There is so much eye-catching stuff in those rooms. Your new focal points give the eye a place to rest while exploring the other details.
    Anonymous said...
    Angela, you are a magician! Thanks again for your help.

    Mrs. Petrie said...
    Symmetry does make a space feel calmer, especially in the space you were dealing with. It has a lot going on and the replacing of pictures grounds all the different elements. Well done!
    Puna said...
    Terrific! Can you please help me?
    Rebecca@Harmony and Home said...
    Hi Angela,

    Thanks for stopping over at my post and leaving the sweet comment. I love what you are doing with these rooms! You definitely have the knack to make rooms much more cozy and balanced. You have definitely found your niche!
    Anonymous said...
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    Laura Ingalls Gunn said...
    Beautiful! Have a wonderful Easter weekend!
    Songbirdtiff said...
    Beautiful makeover! She had some great furniture and you really made it look fabulous.
    Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...
    Love this makeover! So simple but brings everything together in a new way. Looks great!

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