Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Accessorize with what you love.

When you are accessorizing your space, be sure to use
things that YOU love.

This amazing collection of dishes is in my friends
dining room.

The art glass she has had for some time but was not sure how to display it.

Well, we went into her storage and found this print,
the scale was perfect
and the colors really tied in with the art glass.

She bought a few metal easels and the result is . . .


I love how it turned out.

You will recognize this living room from my last post.
In the back ground you can see the dining room.

The place settings are displayed on these shelves with lighting on each one.

It creates a colorful and whimsical focal point.

Remember ---
Have things in your home that you LOVE or that are Useful.


  1. Christy said...
    I love it too. Good work! Makes me smile seeing the teacups lopsided in the plates.
    Pedaling said...
    i think that is very good and important advice!
    DesignTies said...
    I agree 100% -- you have to decorate with what you love. Who cares if it's "in" or "out". If you like it and love it, show it off :-)

    Love the look of the dark brown shelving against the dark orange wall. It's like each little vignette is framed in its little square cubby :-)

    Kelly @ DesignTies

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