Monday, January 17, 2011

This Family Room Makeover is such a great example
of how to take different types of furniture
 and make them look good all together in one room.

Here is the BEFORE
This homeowner had taken one of my classes and had so
 many things right---
 Notice the lamps turned on, the throw on the couch
and natural elements throughout the space.

Sometimes it is nice to have a new set of eyes
 to walk through your home and see other possibilities. 

We found a round leather ottoman upstairs in the study,
 it really brought a different feel to the room. 

And of course you will notice the brown loveseat
(isn't it just wonderful!)
We traded this out with the matching loveseat. 

The reason I did this was to bring more color and interest to the room. 
 Since the walls were white and the curtains not yet in place,
the patterned loveseat really brought some spice to the room!

There are two things that I would like you to notice about this shot.

1. That the fireplace is covered up by the chair.
A fireplace is a natural focal point and always a great place to draw attention.
2.  The furniture here does not match and is lacking something.

See how we moved the chair away from the fireplace,
and placed a number of more interesting objects in the space above. 

We also postioned the furniture
around the fireplace so it felt like the focal point of the room.

We took out the loveseat that matched the couch and brought in
 the brown patterned sofa. 
 It became the inspiration piece of the room. 

We took the gold, red, and green that were in the sofa and
added those colors throughout the space using
toss pillows, books and accessories.




The red pillows in the chairs as well as the accessories
 above the fireplace help to unify the room.

 Spreading the color throughout the room really ties it all together.

We added in some gold and red accessories as well as a natural element and some fabric.
The fabric softened the square opening and added color to the space.

So... if  you want to create a designer look---

Use furniture that does not match---
 BUT is tied together with colors that you have pulled from an inspiration piece.
(here, it was the brown patterened loveseat.)

Move those colors around the room with toss pillows, throw blankets and accessories.
This will create a unified space that looks fantastic but does not all match exactly!  

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  1. Holly said...
    What a great love seat! The room looks so much better after.

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