Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Redesign QUIZ!

Today we are doing a little Quiz!

Take a look at the before and the after photos,
what do you see that made the difference in how the room feels---



I would love it if you post your answers!

Next post I will show you all of the photos
 and have the answers.


  1. southerninspiration said...
    rug, artwork, pictures, side tables with accessories on it, and pops of color on the sofa....looks great!
    janet said...
    Wahoo!!! another post and thank you so much for your kind comments about my mini bathroom makeover, i too love green and plan to add a bit more.

    As for your quiz, I will give it a shot. You gave the room life and warmth. You added color and pattern by using art, pillows, blankets and the area rug. Building the vignette adds a very nice focal point and the lamp on the vignette added much needed ambience and the plant, adds a touch of greenery which is a natural element. The photos above the vignette tells you about who lives in this home, and that family is important to them. I must go back and examine the pictures again..lol
    Janet said...
    All the usual "cozy" items: natural elements, lighting, fabric - pillows and rug, artwork on the walls, a unit made by the side tables and artwork.

    I also wanted to mention that, like you, I really like lamp light and I have five lamps in my house on timers so that they come on at dusk and stay on until bedtime. I love having the light without having to worry about turning lamps off and on.

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