Sunday, January 2, 2011

Add Some Personality With Curtains

I am excited to start off the new year and show you
how you can totally change up a space by adding some FABRIC.

I know that I have been posting alot about this recently,
but I just have some wonderful photos to share with you all!

I had so much fun doing this dining room!

We decided that it really needed a little more personality,
and FABRIC is a wonderful wayto pull in color and style---
as well as soften a space.


Can you believe how much personality this room just got!

(Don't you just love that unique light fixture --- I would really like to find one for myself!)

See how the color really adds to the room.
 The fabric softens the sides of the windows and ties in with the runner on the table.



When you coordinate stripes with a floral pattern
as long as they have the same colors, it works together nicely.



See how nice FABRIC is! 
The curtains really did add some personality and warmth to this dining room.

Now go add a little fabric to your house---
 and it's personality will just Blossom!


  1. southerninspiration said...
    love it!!!
    marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...
    Gorgeous. Love your fabric choice and the color is wonderful. Just enough splash to really give the room character and interest. Stunning change. Hugs, Marty
    Connie said...
    Amazing! It looks like you gave the whole room a warm hug. Love the scroll work above the smaller window.
    Bristy said...
    Is this the house you did in St.George you were telling me about? I love it, I can't wait till our duo class next week!
    Sharlotte said...
    This is just beautiful! I love the colors, it's so fresh and clean. I really enjoy your site, thanks for all the inspiration!

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