Monday, October 11, 2010

More of the Living Room

In my last post I showed you a before and after of this Living Room.
The homeowner really just wanted to figure out a way to make the room
 feel different than it was.


Remember our goal is to make the space feel more COZY using what is in the home already.
The Living Room was more formal and we wanted to create a more casual feel---
and something different.


We folded the quilt over the back of the chair and placed a couple of pillows
 that did not match-- but had the same colors of the room. 
We also placed a lace coverlet on the back of the other chair,
 it ties in nicely with the lace drapes, and relaxes the formalness of the chairs.


We placed the sofa on an angle which was very different from what they were used to. 
Also notice a throw blanket on the arm of the sofa
and a couple of pillows that are not the same fabric as the sofa.

A few books on the table with some greenery and you may want to sit down and read!

 We decorated the end table with a lamp, a couple of books with some greenery on top,
and a pair of little angels.

The entry

We created a nice unit with the bookcase and the mirror grouping.

Notice how we took the pillow from the sofa and placed it on the chair, 
that way you tie the color and pattern around the room.

It does feel inviting!

 Try placing your sofa on an angle and see how it feels --- you may be surprised!

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  1. Lindy said...
    Very cozy! You are so talented!

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