Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cozy Up Your Bathroom!

My sweet husband who loves computers has changed out our operating system and I am having difficulties getting to my photos.  These are a few that I could get---

This is a bathroom in my new home. 
 I took most of the decor items that I used in a bathroom in my last home and added them here. So I did not buy anything new.
 I was really into framed leaf art, sometime I will show you more.

It was a rather natural theme.
 But the wall color in my last house was gold. 

There will soon be a nice warm brown on the walls here.
( I will post photos after the job is done).

Here is the BEFORE. 
 Bathrooms can feel so cold!

What helped to make the difference in the FEEL of this bathroom is:

A fabric shower curtain
(Fabric) --Softens the space and absorbs sound.
Towels (Fabric)
A pot of pussy willows
 --Picked from my neighbors yard years ago ( Natural Element)
Little lamps
with candles in them ( Lighting)--Creates a warm cozy feeling.

See how by simply adding:
Natural elements

You can make any room in your house FEEL better!

Go and try it for yourself!

I am linking up with Transformation Thursday
at the Shabby Chic  Cottage --- see some great transformations!

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  1. Brown Family said...
    This is like the only decor I have in my house (fake wild flowers in the bathroom), and I can't believe what a difference it made. Love it!

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