Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Create a Conversation Area

Today, I want to show you how to create a conversation area.

This Living Room above, was so fun to do.  The homeowner had the most interesting items, I am going to show you more of this room later in the week.

But for now we will be focusing on what makes a conversation area.

See how the sofa is alone, and if you were to have a visitor
it is more difficult to visit.

We brought the two sofas across from each other.  The area rug is a nice anchor--- it visually pulls the two couches together and you feel as if you want to sit down and have a conversation.

These two sofas were near each other but there is a walkway
right between them.

It is more ideal to pull the two closer together and have
the walkway behind the loveseat.
Adding the end table between the two helps to make it feel
more like a unit.

The couch is lonely and it does not feel like a place you would want to sit down and have a conversation.

With the couch and the loveseat in an L shape with the table,
it feels more inviting.

See how this is working . . .


We positioned the furniture in a U pattern and it made it easier
to face each other and visit.


By adding the rug and pulling the furniture closer together we created a more inviting space.

This chair seems very far away from the rest of the room.

By balancing the room with more weight on the large wall, we were able to move the chair up.  We also arranged the area rug so that it touched the chair and the sofas.   This pulled the seating area together and made for a more inviting and comfortable space.

See how by just moving things around and using a few simple design principles you can create a more Cozy and Comfortable space!

Stay tuned for more photos of this
Living Room Redesign
in my next post.

Happy Re-Arranging!!


  1. Connie said...
    I love the way you position the furniture and create a more intimate setting. It just feels cozy.
    I especially like the room with the brown leather furniture, it just looks warm and inviting.

    Thanks for all of the great tips you share with all of us.
    Patty said...
    That's so interesting to hear all the reasoning behind the decor, thanks for posting!
    ImagineCozy said...
    Thank you, I really hope that you are finding this useful in your own home, in a simple---not overwhelming way!
    Debbie said...
    I love what you did...just the furniture layout alone made a difference. Great color choices too!~ Thanks for sharing, and Have a great Monday!

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