Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Soften a Room with Fabric

Today, I wanted to show you some "real home" examples of what a difference Fabric can make in your home.

Look at these photos focusing on the Fabric and how it makes the space feel.

This family room has a variety of fabrics --- notice how the couch is a solid color and the pillows and quilt have a variety of patterns.

This Living Room feels much cozier with the two blue pillows, the throw and the
embroidered pillow.

See all the layers of fabric ---

We just pulled out a few different blankets and pillows
that had the same colors in them.

The curtain panels along with the quilt and pillows
creates a warm comfortable space.

See how the curtain valance and the runner on the table soften up this hallway. The curtain is a floral and the runner on the table is a plaid, but see how they have the same colors, that allows them to work well together.

The burnt orange pillow is the same color as the artwork behind the couch.
That one pillow makes such a difference.

Notice the rugs and the pillows.

Curtains, pillows, and a throw.
The basket on the floor also has a little banket rolled up.

Now . . . look around your home with new eyes and see where you could add a Fabric element!

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  1. tracy @ monarch-creations said...
    I love the boy's room in the photos. Is that wall beadboard? There are so many great textures of material in those photos. You're right, fabric just warms everything up like nothing else can.
    Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...
    I so agree with you that fabric really makes a huge difference in any room. I love to mix different patterns together, it just make a room cozy and gives it a lot of character. Gorgeous rooms. Hugs, Marty
    Terry said...
    The picture with the Klimpt is my favorite with the crazy leather rug, the checkerboard rug and the pillows... I'm not a huge fan of modern except with it works. This room is design rocket science.
    Pearl Maple said...
    Great ideas and inspiration, am learning so much from everyone's posts on how to make our space just that little bit nicer.
    LuLo Designs/Blue Eyed Tango said...
    All of the rooms of fabrics......wonderful. I love the white columned bed. Luanne
    Daly Essentials said...
    I agree, texture is so important to add depth and create interest to a room and using difference fabrics is a great way to do it!
    The Stylish House said...
    Hi Angela,
    I especially like the blue boy’s room, but they are all lovely! You have done a nice job combining colors and patterns. Cathy
    Gayle@Mountain Moma said...
    Another awesome practical post! I love how you give us so many suggestions to things we can do in our own simple home, not some magazine looking home.
    Jasmine @ The Suburban Sentiment said...
    Loving the burnt orange pillow.

    I've got something similar on my blue couches at home, and it really makes the art on the wall (mostly deep reds and oranges) just pop!

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