Sunday, June 21, 2009

How to Decorate Book Shelves

Book shelves are for books right?
Yes ---but if you want it to look and feel "COZY"

You want to add a few other accessories.

These two photos from Better Homes and Gardens are great examples of adding that little extra:

Framed Pictures
Notice how some of the books are upright and some are
laid down flat and stacked up.
See how they are interspersed between the books.

See a few figurines, a basket (adds great texture) and some frames.
Some books are standing open on the bottom.

Notice the different heights.

These shelves have a clock and a box with the books.

Here is a little collection of china on one shelf ---
See the different heights and the odd numbers.

This shelf highlights a couple of matching pottery pieces along with some books.

Little pot of flowers (natural element)
Wooden box

Put a few items that you LOVE along with the books and they will stand out-

You will be showcasing those few pieces ---
and it will feel good to be surrounded with items that mean something to you.

You can display hardbound books with the
dustcovers off and it gives your space a more
classic library feel.

Notice how the little pot of flowers really livens up the space!

It is also nice to add round elements to the mix --
See how good the plates work.

When you have dark shelves it is good to place a few
light colored pieces ---
They will really stand out.

So remember . . . if you want to have a "COZY" Book Shelf
Add something more than Books!

Look at your book shelves this week and see what you can do to spruce them up a bit.

Have fun!


  1. Nancy said...
    Thanks...I love your suggestions. I have a standing bookshelf that I have trouble with. Now I have some ideas...thank you!

    Alexis Olson said...
    Great ideas! Thanks for the post.
    Claudia@DipityRoad said...
    great ideas for book shelving.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting.

    We are pretty close to one another, I live in Lehi and work in Draper.

    Teak said...
    Great suggestions
    i have some old furniture
    which i will have to fix them
    after reading your excellent suggestions
    Teak Wood Sofa
    Bonnie said...
    We have a lot of the same church books..another thing we have in common! Awesome!

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