Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Studio 5 TV Interview

I was on interviewed on Studio 5 KSL TV today.
It was so fun!
3 Tips to an Easy Room Makeover -
Here is the clip . . .

I am participating at
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  1. Annette Lyon said...
    Great job--and great tips!
    Lizzylou said...
    Great job today! Loved the show. You're amazing woman!
    Janet said...
    I've been following your blog for sometime now and it was fun to "meet" you on the TV video! I'm something of a designer, too, I naturally use a lot of your points, but it's fun to see how you pull it together and make it simple so anyone can have a cozy home.
    Tiffany said...
    Fabulous, as always!!
    Brown Family said...
    You did a GREAT job! (And this from someone who used to do media training for people before broadcast interviews ...) Way to go!
    Bonnie said...
    Angela, this was amazing. Are you trained by IRIS by any chance? I recently discovered your blog and am enjoying it.
    janet said...
    Hi Angela, im glad you shared your video on here as im in Canada and don"t get that channel. I love what you do, i think its spectactular, ecspecially with tough times all around us right now. You truly are inspirational and it gives everyone hope that they can transform a room without spending money. This would be my dream job.
    ImagineCozy said...
    Thank you all, so much for your wonderful words! Doing the T.V. spot was such fun. It really does make a difference doing what you love, and then being able to talk about it.
    BECKY said...
    Hi Angela! I found you through Bonnie's blog, and am so glad I did! I have thought often about doing the IRIS course, and just love seeing what you do!! I will be back a lot!! I love the whole concept of redesign!!

    Thanks for sharing and teaching!
    Claudia@DipityRoad said...
    wow... although I couldnt find out anything on your blog about where you are located...I am guessing UTAH.

    Thats where i am located.

    Great job

    Pedaling said...
    that was awesome, , but they got your blog wrong...she said imaginecozy.com!

    Laura Anderson said...
    Awesome, Angela. You're a natural on TV.

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