Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The bed makes a wonderful focal point
when redesigning a bedroom.

The homeowner of this master bedroom,
was trying to give it a new look.

She had purchased new bedding
but it was not enough to give the room a change.

We just needed to rearrange a little
 and add some interest with fabric!

When you are redesigning a bedroom
you usually want the bed to be the focal point of the room.
So we moved the bed to the wall between the two windows.

 Doesn't that create a very nice focal point?
See how the layering of pillows and bedding
really does make the bed stand out.

The coordinating curtains give the room some drama and elegance.

The bed was on the opposite wall
so when you entered you did not really see it.

See how we created a nice balance on that wall across from the bed.

The homeowner purchased fabric and hemmed a coverlet
for the end of the bed as well as the curtain panels.

So simple... just hem the sides and the ends and hang with curtain rings. 
It really makes a difference!

What a beautiful and relaxing retreat!

Take a look at your bedrooms---
 What could you do to create more of a focal point?


  1. Kimberly said...
    I love this post. We bought a condo recently and the bedroom is rectangular shaped, with a window and atrium doors visible (like this room you posted) when you come into the room. I have had the bed on all 4 walls, and keep coming back to this spot, where the bed is visible upon entering the room. It does work best. Thanks for the coverlet idea.
    Maria said...
    This looks wonderful! I have a similar master bedroom layout, however, we keep the bed on the "before" wall. This works better for the traffic flow pattern as our bathroom is just off the window side wall. The lights from the bathroom would jolt whoever was in bed out of it for sure. We also had natural light bleed in through the windows (even with darkening drapes) and we like it cave-like for sleep. It looks strange, but the arrangement works for us. However, I am going to try some of your wall arrangement ideas for the other walls with our art and photos. I love the iron work over the bed, too.
    ImagineCozy said...
    Thank you so much for you comments! Ultimately you have to consider function when redesigning a room. So take these ideas and do what works best for your lifestyle.
    Anonymous said...
    Hi Angela, I've just been wondering if everything is ok, since I always anticipate seeing your posts (and haven't seen a new one in a month). I hope all is well!

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