Monday, September 12, 2011

A Change of Style

This beautiful bedroom now reflects the taste
of the woman of the house.

This client was new to the home, she married into family of 6
where her new husband had been a widower.
So, much of the style of the room was that of the
 previous lady of the house.

There was a lot in the room and we needed to trim it down.
Notice the heavy armoir on the side wall.

We moved the heavy piece and created a grouping on the wall. 
 It feels much more to scale and quite warm and inviting.


We found out as we tried moving the armoir that it was in three pieces.
Which was perfect, because now we could take the drawer sections
and use them in the closet as a dresser.


The art grouping on the wall with the lamp
even out the space and help to create a warm inviting atmosphere.

The newly married couple now have space 
to hang some wedding photos.

Notice what a difference the curtains make.

Simple and clean decor.

A different view of the side of the room.
See how the mirrored piece was just to large for the space.

The bookcase with the painting feels much better.

Notice the corner by the window.
The dresser that is there feels too tight for the space.

See how the taller narrower cabinet works so much better.

Sooo... fun to see the transformation!


  1. Alexis Olson said...
    Very nice!
    Lindy D. said...
    Wow, it's beautiful! So happy that this newleywed could have her own style. Did you rid the bedroom of the TV? That's a hard habit to break.

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