Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Studio 5 - Loving Laundry Rooms

Here is the Segment that we did on Studio 5 today---

Simple Ways to Make Your Laundry Room Fun

 4 tips to help create a more happy space:

1. Add Color - A quick and easy way to do this is with paint. No matter what size your space is, a little paint can make a BIG difference. I chose green because it makes me happy and it just feels good to me. You can also add fabric with fun colors as well as a few accessories to tie the color throughout the room.

2. Add Light - A laundry room is a space that you want to see what you are doing. You can use a task light, there are many varieties even some that can be clamped onto an shelf. In my laundry room there is also space to do some craft projects so it is nice to have a lamp to see better with as well as create a more comfortable atmosphere.

3. Add Greenery or Flowers - You want your laundry room to feel fresh and clean. The greenery gives a fresh feel to the space and flowers just make you happy.

4. Personalize the Space- Add in some of your personality, with photos, artwork, items that you love.

I added a photo bulletin board and filled it with pictures and attached little items that I like. I also added a mirror and some hooks that belonged in my great grandfather's home.


So, no matter what size your laundry room ---
you can do a few things to love it more!


  1. C.J. said...
    All great ideas! Laundry can be a boring job, so making the room lovely would certainly help. Thanks for sharing.
    TinaTx said...
    It looks great! I have green walls in my (much smaller) laundry room too - looks pretty close to the same color.
    Enjoy your new space!

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