Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Little Inspiration!

As the new year is here and all of the holiday decor
 is packed away it is always a wonderful time
to look at fresh inspiration.

A great opprotunity to look at your room with new eyes
and see what you like---
 and be inspired to try a thing or two different.

These are just random photos of rooms and homes
 that I like and thought I would share.

I guess I like chairs around the fireplace!! 
 I do sit next to mine almost everyday.

What are you inspired by?

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  1. Bristy said...
    I love these beautiful pics! I too, took all the Christmas down, and learned from my mom to pile all the other stuff we accumulate on the shelves and put it on the kitchen table and then weed out what you really want to keep. Love that the house feels clean and kind of different! Can't wait to work with you again on our next class on the 19th!

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