Monday, July 4, 2011

A Glimpse at the Parade of Homes

I wanted to post a few more observations that I had
while touring through the Utah Valley Parade of Homes.

So many of the rooms in different homes had
 white trimwork up the walls.

I really like it! 

 I think it gives the space a fresh and clean updated feel.

I really like this headboard
 and the pillows with a touch of blue and green.

Here is more white finishwork on
the walls of this bedroom.

I like the white trim in the ceiling, with the tan color paint.
It looks so great with the stone!

I love this style of house!

Look at the white trim going up the stairs ...
 and the railing finish work.

Very refreshing! 

 I love the white with the chocolate brown rail.

Notice how the cabinet and the artwork
 make a  very nice grouping. 

Also love the lamp lighting.

In this laundry room notice how the fabric
 in the curtain ties in with the pillows on the chair. 

Isn't this such a lovely space.

The peach color on the wall would not have
 been my first choice, but look how great it all ties together.

The chandelair finishes off the room perfectly.

Still love this style.

Here is the inside of the previous house.

This boy's room was fun. 

 Notice the wood finish on the blue wall. 
It makes for a nice texture,
 and of course the mural is great!

Now this is a unique boy's room. 
My son who is 11 loved the room
except for the metal on the wall.

The wood on the ceiling, the quilts and the
 red accessories cozy up the space.

It is always fun to see the new trends and get some inspiration. 
 Even if we only take a small idea here or there.

Hope you are all having a great 4th of July!!


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