Monday, April 18, 2011

Add Some Spring to Your Entry

This lovely entry is in the home that we staged.

The cabinet that we used, was originally in the office.

I did not take a before picture (darn!) of this space, but it had an oversized buffet that was not the right fit for the entry.  This little cabinet fit perfectly and worked so well with the spring decor.

We simply added a couple of natural elements, as well as an arrangement on the wall of art, a wreath and a mirror. Which sometimes reflects the entry lighting!

Love how the butterflies, greenery and birds give it all a Spring feel!


  1. Holly said...
    It looks so the wreath in the frame! I love a good entry.
    Lindy said...
    I love the bird's nest on the picture frame and the touches of teal blue. I can see how this cabinet is the perfect size for this space. Lovely!

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