Friday, February 18, 2011

How to "Cozy-up" the Living Room

This Living Room just needed a few little tweeks
and it really created a more inviting space.


By adding the chairs and the table with the lamp, we created a very nice little conversation area.
One chair came from the office and the other chair and table from the bedroom.

BEFORE  This view is to the left of the previous shot.

See how we moved the sofas closer together and on an angle.
The ottoman works so much nicer between the two sofas.

We have now created another conversation area.

The table and the TV seem like two very different objects with nothing tying them together.

 After adding some height to the table, it now creates a grouping and is much more comfortable to look at.
The natural element and the odd numbers also really add to the cozy feeling on the table.

Having a bookcase in the room makes it very nice to accessorize and add some of your own personality to the space.

Notice how it is just a few books as well as a few items of interest. 
This makes the bookcase much more pleasing to look at.

Just a different view. 
Remember we are doing this redesign using only items that the homeowner already has.  Usually this means that everything is not just right.  But the homeowner now has an idea of what she needs and some homework for when she is ready to shop!

It would be ideal to have a few blue or green patterned toss pillows for the sofa as well as the chairs.

I would also love a couple of pillows on the other sofa as well. 
A tray would be nice on the ottoman.  The lamp really does warm up the room.

But overall don't you think this space is very inviting!

Now go and try alittle rearrange at your house---and I would love to see the before and afters.
Feel free to send me some photos!


  1. marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...
    Love the new arrangement and the accessories. Looks wonderful. Hugs, Marty
    Kati @ Obscured Flair- said...
    I love all of the afters!!!!
    The pictures on the pegs are a cute idea! And I love the curtains!!!
    The light looks soooo good in the corner- like it was made for it!!
    Lindy said...
    I love the light in the corner, too. Just love the sofas closer together and that fabulous ottoman in between. Great work! I'd love to see a before and after of the bookcases!

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