Monday, September 13, 2010

A Bedroom Redesigned

Today, I will be sharing with you how we turned this bedroom
into a Master Retreat using just what the homeowner had in her home!


Notice the artwork above the dresser. 
We created a "unit" with the dresser and the art 
as well as the two lamps, and a few accessories.

It made a great focal point on that wall

The artwork before was hanging alone on the wall.

Usually in a bedroom the focal point of the room is the BED. 
See how we emphasized the bed by layering more pillows and blankets. 
We also added a bench to the end of the bed, for more visual weight
 as well as a useful place to sit and put on your shoes.


This was a high wall and really needed some additional weight
to balance out this side of the room. 

We were able to find a tall bookcase, a large chair,
and a piece of art that we hung vertically.

The result feels quite inviting and lends itself to more of a retreat.

Notice the touches of green, black and brown that we added throughout the space.
It helps to tie the room together.

The green toss pillow, green grass and ball on top of the bookcase.
The bookcase is black as well as the bench at the bottom of the bed.
The brown in the artwork as well as the chair.

The comforter on the bed was brown
as well as the chair that we brought in.
We added the gray comforter on the end of the bed
 and the green throw.
The pillows are green, black and brown
which help to tie the space all together.

Overall it came together nicely,
we shopped all around the house,

 the bench came from the kitchen,
the chair from another bedroom,
the bookcase from the guest bedroom,
the photos from the hall,
and accessories from everywhere!

And in the end we created a wonderful Master Retreat!

See what you can do to spice up your master bedroom.


  1. marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...
    Oh it look so much more inviting. Beautifully done and accessorized. Great makeover. Hugs, Marty
    janet said...
    Hi Angela, im glad to see you still have your blog. I really enjoy your post, encouraging us to use what we already have in our homes. This bedroom looks fantastic!!!
    Snap said...
    Wow, I bet they were happy. It looks so much better and way more cozy!
    Matthew and Tiffany said...
    I'm so glad you posted this! The master bedrooms in these layouts are so unusual! I couldn't quite figure out how to fit furniture into them comfortably, or fill in the walls with the ceilings being so high - but you've given me some great ideas!

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