Friday, January 16, 2009

Family Room Redesign



The lamps add one piece to creating this look and feel.
Other elements that make this room so much more comfortable are:
  1. The green plants: a natural element
  2. Fabric: A throw blanket, toss pillows and a rug
  3. A touch of red: the pillows and accessories

We will be talking more about each of these areas, coming soon.


  1. Amber and Kevin Smith said...
    Wow, its amazing how much more comfortable the room looks in the second picture. It awesome that with a few techniques you can create a much more cozy space. I'm going to use some of your ideas to make my living room feel more comfortable!!
    Heidi said...
    It's cool how just using a few easy design principles can really change the atmosphere and feeling in any room in your house! I am a person who has no design background, but Angela's ideas have convinced me that ANYONE can create a cozy space by just applying some of her wonderfully easy ideas. I just recently stepped out of my comfort zone and re-designed my sister's living room using some of the things she already had in her house. I put three different lamps in a simple triangular pattern in the room and turned off the harsh overhead light. My neice commented that it was so "cozy." It is amazing how easy it really is!

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